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People and Technology make it a very good year

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Lobatse Clay Works is pleased to report another succesful year of operations,with outstanding results achieved in the year ended 30 June 2010.

Sales revenue at P71.4 million was 11% higher than last year, continuing the company’s impressive year-on-year growth. Cumulatively, sales revenue has increased by 245% since the beginning of 2007.The Company achieved an operating profit of P9.7 million, which was 61% more than last year.

As a result of this excellent performance, the company has declared a dividend of P4.2 million to the shareholder.
Significantly, throughput at the plant was 28.7 million units, compared to 27 million units in the previous year. This marked increase reflects a 21% improvement in production efficiency and is due to the substantial investment that has been made in new technology and in human resource development.

The installation of sophisticated new burner systems from Italy, enabling precise heat management in the kilns, made possible the introduction of more brick types and enhanced the consistency of product quality.
Concerted employee training and the implementation of a performance management system contributed to raising operating efficiencies and output.

The year’s performance reflects well on employees, whose skills and commitment are recognized and appreciated.
The company continues to make significant contribution to national development. High quality clay face bricks and pavers from Lobatse Clay Works are built into homes, offices, factories, schools, hospitals and public buildings across the country.

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